Competition Statement

Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd and each of its shareholder companies in the United Kingdom (“Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd”), has a long tradition of establishing and complying with high standards of business behaviour, standards which often exceed the applicable laws and regulations of those countries in which it operates. It has been and will continue to be the policy of Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd to comply with all applicable laws.

In the complex area of competition law, the Board of Directors of Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd has issued a Compliance Policy and Manual to help Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd personnel understand and comply with UK and EU competition laws. The Board of Directors and all employees of Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd share a commitment and a responsibility to compete fairly and honestly on the basis of price, quality and service, and in full compliance with competition law and with Bagnalls Group (UK) Ltd’s competition policy.